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Charles S. Myers,
first President 1920-23
Beatrice Edgell
Beatrice Edgell, first
woman President 1929-32
T.H. Pear,
President 1943/44
Sue Gardner
President (2009/10)

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Presidents of the British Psychological Society

Links from names are to Presidential Addresses (note copyright statement below) or to information about unavailable Presidential Addresses. The first five Presidents did not deliver a Presidential Address as such; the first to give an Address was Professor James Drever in 1935.

ODNB indicates a link to an index entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (full articles available with individual or institutional subscription, or access through public library membership).

1920-1923Charles Samuel Myers (b. 13 March 1873, d. 13 October 1946) obituary in The Lancet; obituary in BJEP; 'Charles Samuel Myers' by Alan Costall (2001); ODNB
1923-1926Professor Charles Edward Spearman (b. 10 September 1863, d. 17 September 1945) obituary; ODNB
1926-1929Dr F.A.P. Aveling (b. 28 December 1875, d. 6 March 1941)
1929-1932Beatrice Edgell (1871-1948) obituary; 'Beatrice Edgell: An Appreciation' by Elizabeth Valentine (2001); 'Beatrice Edgell' by Elizabeth Valentine (2001); ODNB
1932-1935Professor John Carl Flügel (1884-1955) obituary; ODNB
1935-1938Professor James Drever (Primus) (b. 1873, d. 11 August 1950) obituary © University of Dundee Archive URSF/5/3/6
1938-1941Professor Albert William Wolters (1883-1961) obituary; 'Albert William Wolters' by M.D. Vernon (1950)
1941-1943Professor Sir Cyril Lodowic Burt (b. 3 March 1883, d. 10 October 1971) obituary; ODNB
1943-1944Tom Hatherley Pear (b. 1886, d. May 1972, aged 86)
1944-1945Dr Millais Culpin (b. 1874, d. 14 September 1952, aged 78) obituary (BJMP), obituary (Br J Ind Med); ODNB
1945-1946Sir Godfrey H. Thomson (b. 1881, d. 1955, aged 74) obituary (Bulletin), obituary (BJSP); ODNB
1946-1947Robert John Bartlett (b. 1879, d. March 1980, aged 101)
1947-1948Charles Wilfred Valentine (b. 1879, d. 26 May 1964, aged 84) obituary; ODNB
1948-1949Dr Stanley J.F. Philpott (d. 6 September 1962, aged 64) obituary
1949-1950Robert Henry Thouless (b. 1894, d. 25 September 1984, aged 90) obituary; ODNB
1950-1951Frederic Charles Bartlett (b. 1886, d. 30 September 1969, aged 82) obituary; ODNB
1951-1952William Brown (1881-1952) obituary (BJSP), obituary (BJMP); ODNB
1952-1953Cecil Alec Mace (b. 1894, d. 7 June 1971, aged 76) obituary
1953-1954Arthur Rex Knight (b. 9 May 1903, d. 12 March 1963) obituary
1954-1955Professor Philip E. Vernon (b. 1905, d. 28 July 1987, aged 82) obituary; ODNB
1955-1956Emeritus Professor Leslie S. Hearnshaw (d. 10 June 1991, aged 84) obituary
1956-1957Dr Eric Benjamin Strauss (d. 11 January 1961, aged 66) obituary
1957-1958Professor Alec Rodger (d. February 1982, aged 74)
1958-1959Emeritus Professor Magdalen D. Vernon (d. 1991, aged 90) obituary
1959-1960Emeritus Professor Frederick Viggers Smith (d. July 2006, aged 94) obituary
1960-1961Professor James Drever (Secundus) (b. 21 January 1910, d. 1 November 1991) (obituary: © University of Dundee)
1961-1962Professor Edwin A. Peel (b. 1911, d. 10 June 1992, aged 81) obituary; ODNB
1962-1963Professor George C. Drew
1963-1964Professor Arthur Summerfield (b. 31 March 1923, d. 10 September 2005, aged 82) obituary
1964-1965Donald Eric Broadbent (b. 1926, d. 10 April 1993, aged 66) obituary; ODNB; 'Donald Broadbent' by Dianne Berry (2002)
1965-1966Professor George Westby (d. 23 July 1984, aged 75) obituary
1966-1967Grace Rawlings (d. 12 August 1988, aged 79) obituary
1967-1968Professor George Seth (d. 28 July 1990, aged 85) obituary
1968-1969Boris Semeonoff (1910-1998) obituary; interview
1969-1970Professor Robert John Audley
1970-1971Professor Harry Gwynne Jones (b. 1918, d. 5 March 1985, aged 66) obituary
1971-1972Professor Harry Kay (b. 22 March 1919, d. 14 December 2005) obituary
1972-1973Professor Max Hamilton (b.1912, d. 6 August 1988, aged 76) obituary; ODNB
1973-1974Emeritus Professor Brian Malzard Foss (1921-1997) obituary
1974-1975Professor Oliver Louis Zangwill (b. 1913, d. 1987, aged 74) obituary; ODNB
1975-1976Professor Jack Tizard (b. 25 February 1919, d. 2 August 1979) obituary; ODNB
1976-1977May Alison Davidson (b. 14 November 1914, d. 5 January 1982) obituary
1977-1978Professor Alan Douglas Benson Clarke (b. 21 March 1922, d. 13 December 2011)
1978-1979Professor Philip Marcus Levy (b. 4 February 1934, d. 23 January 2011) obituary
1979-1980Professor Peter H. Venables
1980-1981Professor Kevin J. Connolly
1981-1982Professor Derek Ernest Blackman
1982-1983Dr Ralph R. Hetherington (b. 1917, d. 23 February 2000) obituary
1983-1984Dr Halla Beloff
1984-1985Professor Charles Ian Howarth
1985-1986Professor Robert Maclaughlin Farr
1986-1987Dr David Legge
1987-1988Professor Lea S. Pearson (d. 5 April 1995, aged 52) obituary
1988-1989Professor Anthony John Chapman
1989-1990Professor Maurice Anthony Gale (b. 23 April 1937, d. 22 August 2006) interview; obituary
1990-1991Professor Peter Edwin Morris
1991-1992Revd Dr Fraser Norman Watts
1992-1993Professor Edgar Miller (b. 13 January 1939, d. 22 May 2015)
1993-1994Dr Ann Mary Colley
1994-1995Professor Geoffrey Anthony Lindsay
1995-1996Professor Stephen Edward Newstead
1996-1997Margaret Valerie McAllister
1997-1998Professor Christopher Noel Cullen
1998-1999Dr Ingrid Cecilia Lunt
1999-2000Patricia Frankish
2000-2001Dr Tommy MacKay
2001-2002Professor Victoria Geraldine (Vicki) Bruce
2002-2003Professor Graham Davey
2003-2004Emeritus Professor Alexander (Zander) Wedderburn
2004-2005Professor Ken Brown
2005-2006Dr Graham Powell
2006-2007Ray Miller
2007-2008Professor Pam Maras
2008-2009Dr Elizabeth Campbell (b. 13 June 1954, d. 2 April 2010) obituary
2009-2010Sue Gardner
2010-2011Dr Gerry Mulhern







Dr Carole Allan

Dr Peter Banister

Dr Richard Mallows

Professor Dorothy Miell

Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes

Professor Peter Kinderman (President Elect)

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